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Electrician services in Georgia

The team provides professional electrical installation and repair services in Batumi, Tbilisi and Georgia. Our experts install, replace and repair electrical wiring, sockets, switches, lighting fixtures and other electrical devices with a guarantee of quality and safety.
Professional electrician services in Batumi, Tbilisi and Georgia |
Our team of electricians provides a wide range of electrical installation and repair services to ensure your comfort and safety. We guarantee high-quality performance of all work and prompt response to your needs.

Our services include:

Installation and repair of electrical wiring:
• Installation of new wiring systems
• Replacement of outdated or damaged wiring

Installation and connection of electrical devices:
• Installation of sockets of any type and power
• Installation of switches and switches

Moving and switching switches and sockets:
• Rearrangement of existing devices

Installation and configuration of lighting devices:
• Installation of chandeliers, lamps and other lighting sources

Installation and maintenance of electrical panels:
• Installation and configuration of circuit breakers
• Maintenance and repair of electrical panels

Installation of security systems:
• Installation of emergency switches and voltage relays

Electric heating installation:
• Installation of an electric heated floor system

Repair and replacement of light bulbs and other components:
• Replacement of faulty lamps and other lighting elements

Whether you need new wiring installed, an existing system repaired, or new units installed, our professional electricians are ready to help!
1. Electrical services
2. Call an electrician
3. Electrical installation
4. Replacement of wiring
5. Installation of sockets
6. Switch installation
7. Moving the switch
8. Transfer of sockets
9. Installation of lamps
10. Hang a chandelier
11. Installation of electrical panel
12. Installation of machines in electrical panels
13. Installing sconces
14. Installation of electric heated floors
15. Replacing the light bulb
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