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Professional furniture assembly in Georgia provides professional furniture assembly services in Batumi, Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. Our team of craftsmen is ready to help you with assembling furniture of any type and complexity, including kitchen sets, wardrobes and office furniture. We guarantee high quality work and careful handling of your furniture.
Our professional craftsmen provide reliable and high-quality assembly of furniture of any complexity. We understand the importance of proper assembly for your comfort and convenience, which is why our team ensures high-quality work every step of the way.

Our services include:
Furniture assembly in Batumi: Professional assembly of furniture of any type in Batumi. We guarantee accuracy and high quality of work.

Furniture assembly in Tbilisi: High-quality furniture assembly in Tbilisi, taking into account all your wishes and requirements.
Installation of kitchen units: Complete installation and assembly of kitchen units, including installation of all components.
Assembly of sliding wardrobes: Professional assembly of sliding wardrobes of any configuration and size.
Kitchen assembly: Assembly and installation of kitchens of various models and manufacturers.
Office furniture assembly: Professional assembly of office furniture to create a comfortable and functional workspace.
Office desk assembly: High-quality assembly of office desks of any models and configurations.
Hallway assembly: Assembly of hallway furniture, including cabinets, cabinets and hangers.
Wardrobe assembly: Professional assembly of wardrobes for convenient storage of clothes and accessories.
Wall assembly: Assembly of walls for the living room and other rooms, including installation of shelves and sections.
Bed assembly: Reliable assembly of beds of various models and sizes.
Sofa assembly: Sofa assembly, taking into account all the design nuances and features of the model.
Bedroom assembly: Complete assembly of bedroom sets, including beds, nightstands and wardrobes.
Assembling a chest of drawers: Assembling chests of drawers of various models and sizes.
Assembly of shelving: Professional assembly of shelving for home and office.
Assembling a washbasin with a cabinet: Assembly and installation of washbasins with a cabinet for the bathroom.

Contact for professional furniture assembly in Batumi, Tbilisi and throughout Georgia, and enjoy the comfort and convenience of your home!
1. Furniture assembly in Batumi
2. Furniture assembly in Tbilisi
3. Assembling IKEA furniture
4. Installation of kitchen units
5. Assembling the wardrobe
6. Kitchen assembly
7. Assembling office furniture
8. Assembling an office table
9. Assembling the hallway
10. Wardrobe assembly
11. Wall assembly
12. Assembling the bed
13. Assembling the sofa
14. Bedroom assembly
15. Assembling the chest of drawers
16. Assembling shelving
17. Assembling a washbasin with a cabinet
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