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plumbing services in Georgia provides high-quality plumbing services in Batumi, Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. We specialize in installation, repair and replacement of plumbing and piping systems. We also offer home plumber call services to quickly respond to various problems. Our services are guaranteed to be of high quality and are also backed by prompt service.
Welcome to - your reliable partner in the field of plumbing services in Georgia!

We offer high-quality professional plumbing services in Batumi, Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. Our team consists of experienced and qualified specialists who are ready to solve the most complex problems in the field of plumbing.

You can order the following services from us:

Plumbing Installation: We provide high-quality installation of various plumbing fixtures and equipment, including faucets, toilets, sinks, showers and much more.

Plumbing repair: Our specialists will quickly and efficiently repair any plumbing breakdowns to restore the normal functioning of your water supply or sewer system.

Replacement of pipelines: If necessary, we will replace old or damaged pipelines with new ones, ensuring the reliability and safety of your system.

Call a Plumber: We offer call-out plumber services to your home to quickly respond to any problems with your plumbing systems. Our specialist will arrive at a time convenient for you and carry out the necessary work.

Water supply installation: We will perform high-quality installation of water supply systems, ensuring reliable operation of your water supply.

Sewage works: Our specialists will install and repair sewer systems to ensure efficient disposal of wastewater.

We guarantee high quality of work performed, prompt service and an individual approach to each client. Trust the professionals and ensure the flawless operation of your plumbing with!

To order services or receive additional information, please contact us using the contact information provided.
1. Installation of plumbing
2. Call a plumber
3. Installation of the mixer
4. Installation of sinks
5. Installation of the sink
6. Bath installation
7. Installing a screen under the bath
8. Installation of a jacuzzi
9. Installation of a shower cabin
10. Installing a toilet
11. Replacing the toilet
12. Installing a bidet
13. Installation of urinals
14. Installation of sewerage
15. Installation of water supply
16. Installing a water filter
17. Siphon installation
18. Installing a shower tray
19. Installing a water heater
20. Boiler installation
21. Installing a towel rail
22. Installing a shower bar
23. Plumbing repair
24. Toilet repair
25. Replacing the corrugation
26. Removing blockages
27. Sewer cleaning
28. Replacing the riser in the apartment
29. Replacing pipes in the apartment
30. Replacing water pipes
31. Replacing sewer pipes
32. Replacing the fittings of the drain tank
33. Installing a water pump
34. Fixing leaks
35. Repairing the toilet cistern
36. Installation of metal-plastic pipes
37. Installation of polypropylene pipes
38. Installation of cross-linked polyethylene pipes
39. Installation of copper pipes
40. Installation of steel pipes
41. Drainage systems
42. Water supply systems
43. Water supply and sewerage
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