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Apartment renovation in Georgia provides professional apartment renovation services in Batumi, Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. Our team of craftsmen offers a full range of renovation work: from the renovation of one-room and multi-room apartments to painting and tiling work, installation of plasterboard structures and installation of cornices. We guarantee high quality work, the use of quality materials and careful attention to detail.
Our professional craftsmen provide reliable and high-quality renovation of apartments of any complexity. We understand the importance of quality repairs for your comfort and convenience, so our team guarantees high quality work at every stage.

Our services include:

Apartment renovation in Batumi: A full range of renovation work for apartments of any type in Batumi. We guarantee accuracy and high quality of work.
Apartment renovation in Tbilisi: High-quality apartment renovation in Tbilisi, taking into account all your wishes and requirements.
Repair of a one-room apartment: Professional repair of one-room apartments, including all the necessary work to create a comfortable space.
Repair of a two-room apartment: Comprehensive renovation of two-room apartments, including finishing work and installation of all necessary elements.
Renovation of a three-room apartment: A full range of services for the renovation of three-room apartments, from preparation to completion of all work.
Bathroom renovation: High-quality bathroom renovation, including replacement of tiles, plumbing and other elements.
Bathroom renovation: Professional bathroom renovation taking into account all the features and requirements.
Toilet repair: High-quality toilet repairs, including installation of new plumbing and finishing work.
Installation of plasterboard structures: Professional installation of plasterboard structures for creating partitions and wall decoration.
Flooring and tile work: Laying flooring and tiles of any type and complexity, guaranteeing high quality and durability.
Painting works: High-quality painting works to create ideal surfaces of walls and ceilings.
Stone work: Professional stone work, including laying decorative stone and other elements.
Repair of balconies and loggias: A full range of services for the repair of balconies and loggias, including insulation and finishing.
Insulation of balconies: Professional insulation of balconies to create a comfortable space at any time of the year.
Mechanized wall plastering: Fast and high-quality mechanized wall plastering to create ideal surfaces.
Hang a mirror: Install mirrors of any size and shape, taking into account all requirements.
Hang the Pull-Up Bar: Securely install pull-up bars for home workouts.
Curtain rod installation: Professional installation of curtain rods for curtains and curtains.
Hang a shelf: Install shelves of any type and size.
Installation of ventilation grilles: Installation of ventilation grilles to ensure proper air circulation.
Installation of roller blinds: Professional installation of roller blinds to create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.
Lamp replacement: High-quality replacement of lamps and installation of new lighting fixtures.

Contact for professional apartment renovation in Batumi, Tbilisi and throughout Georgia, and enjoy the comfort and coziness of your home!
1. Apartment renovation in Batumi
2. Apartment renovation in Tbilisi
3. Renovation of a one-room apartment
4. Renovation of a two-room apartment
5. Renovation of a three-room apartment
6. Bathroom renovation
7. Bathroom renovation
8. Toilet repair
9. Installer of plasterboard structures
10. Flooring and tiling work
11. Painting work
12. Manufacturer of stone works
13. Repair of balconies and loggias
14. Insulation of balconies
15. Mechanized plastering of walls
16. Hang a mirror
17. Hang a horizontal bar
18. Installation of cornice
19. Hang a shelf
20. Installation of ventilation grille
21. Installation of roller blinds
22. Replacing the lamp
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